Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here's Rambo, wielding his gungun, which is, of course, a large gun that uses smaller guns as ammunition. Because when you're as manly as Rambo, you tend to get bored of just shooting people. You have to get creative.

Imagine that you're a guerilla terrorist dude, and you just stepped on Rambo's hamster. Come to find out, that was his FAVORITE PET. And now he's prettttty pissed. So, he whips his gungun out and fires. To avenge "MuffMuff." Once he pulls the trigger, guns are shot out at you. And THESE guns proceed to fire at you. Not only are you struck by bullets, you are also hit by the guns that fired those bullets. DUBBLE TRUBBLE.

As a sidenote, once you're as much a dude as Rambo, you can get pretty much any tattoo that you'd like. Including the Kool-Aid Man. Or puns. Because this soldier loves posing with his guns. Also, he named his gungun "Gunthrie" and carved a Woody Guthrie reference onto the side.

And YES, that IS a Sam & Max tattoo on his chest!

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  1. Burt,
    so sorry ive missed your posts.

    still making awesome stuffs here, i see.
    hope you're fine.