Friday, October 1, 2010

Death Startled

Death Startled
It's always fun to draw things from the Star Wars universe. Always.

My mom recently commissioned me to do a drawing for one of her friends' kids. She said that "He almost likes Star Wars as much as you do!" Which is not plausible, I assure you. I mean, did HE draw a Star Wars comic with an ORLY owl cameo? DID HE? No, he most certainly did not.

But anyway, since he listed Vader as his favorite character, I drew him (which I'll post soon). As an added bonus, I thought I'd throw in the Death Star in the back ground. So I did that, too. But I also wanted to add a little humor to the drawings, so I modified them for my own purposes (mwuhahaha).

I'd like to think of the second Death Star in this way: It was a huge prank that the Rebels weren't patient enough to let be sprung. I mean, surely the Rebels were expecting another world-destroying ray, right? Imagine the LOOK on their faces when the giant "BANG" sign would have popped out! A literally huge prank, stretching a thousand or so miles. But nooooo, they had to cut it short.

Oh, man! Admiral Ackbar could have shouted "IT'S A PRANK!" That would have been great.

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