Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beaux Arts Ball Posters

Beaux Arts Ball Poster 1

Beaux Arts Ball Poster 2

Here are two posters that I designed and illustrated (at BBR Creative) for the Beaux Arts Ball costumed fund-raising event put on by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Specifically, the College of the Arts.

The theme, as the posters state, is "Re-New, Re-Vision, Re-Cycle," and promotes making costumes out of found objects and recycled materials. I figured it would be fun to do a mirrored pair of posters, featuring decked-out recycled costume party people. I like how they have a proud air to them while being covered in repurposed materials.

The posters are actually being silk-screened and sold at the event to raise money for the College of the Arts. Woo-hoo!


  1. B, I love them! I like the playing card feel it has as well. They're Recycled Royalty!

  2. holy shit, I love these!! I dig the noses.

  3. The posters look GORGEOUS. I'd love me loads of them! The stylization works so well with the type!

  4. Thanks, Jazzlamb! Hope you've been well. S'been a while since I've heard from ya!

  5. And, of course, thanks to everyone else, too :D