Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zach & Zach

Last week (or so), my friend Zach (Broussard) posted a note on Facebook about how he needed an artist to whip up some art for a new podcast and comedy tour featuring himself and his friend Zach (Sims). I responded that I'd like to help. But, knowing me, it turned into a full-blown illustration, including hand-drawn type and all. Haha, the things I get myself into!

I also resized/reworked this image to fit the square iTunes album artwork size. And did a borderless version and a grayscale version to cover all printing bases.

From what I gather, it'll be a fun, "character-driven" podcast with our two Zachs and featuring special guests. Maybe they'll tour the USA, saving Community Centers as they go. It's comedy, folks.



  1. Oh I like it!! I wish I knew what they both looked like so I could see the similarities. I will have to go look them up on facebook. Thank you for your nice comments lately!


  2. heheh, you make me laugh :D
    this is such a fun, i like their expressions!

    ohhh you ROCK!

  3. hahaha @ "Zach Broussard looks ok."

    I'm not QUITE sure how to take that!

  4. i might have to think about checking that out. enjoyed that last show. anyway, great (and by great i mean 'ok' as well) illustration.

  5. @"Zach Broussard looks ok", oh he is...