Monday, June 7, 2010

Affaire De Coeur

My friend Meghann has a passion for fashion design. She just graduated; her senior project was to design a line of clothing for a fashion show that was held on campus. The line wascalled "Affaire De Coeur." She came away with some major accolades, including Best of Show, and some pretty sweet photos (Good job, again!). She has big aspirations, so I volunteered to do an illustration of one of her dresses for her portfolio.

The illustration above was based on one of the photos of the model wearing the dress during the fashion show. Done in watercolor and ink. I was aiming for a Tim Burton-ish style, which is one of Meghann's favorite directors/artists.

Meg, let me know if I got any of that info wrong, lulz.


  1. my fave...
    i wish i could paint like you.

  2. do another do another!!!


  3. those eyes are wicked awesome. very well done, mistah durand!