Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm a Mr. T Pot

Last week at Sketchgroup, we were talking about the new The A-Team movie that is about to explode into theaters. Then we talked about that hilarious cooking appliance informercial that Mr. T did a while back. He's just SO enthusiastic about that product!

Well, right then and there I decided that I needed to do a T illustration. And, in my typical fashion, I had to incorporate some sort of pun or twist. Cue the literal town fool, subject to T's pity. But I didn't stop there! The fool is slightly turning the tables in that he is doing the "I'm a little tea pot" dancing thingie. It's not really an insult, but I don't think Mr. T appreciates its. Look at the pity! The disdain!

If you're super picky about details, you may be asking yourself "OK BURT, now wouldn't the rings on his RIGHT hand say 'PITY,' while the LEFT hand rings spell 'FOOL?'" No. Because if he were to indulge in fisticuffs, he'd need BOTH hands to have rings that spell "PITY," because he'd be applying pity with both hands TO the fool. Hitting a fool with the word FOOL is just redundant.

In closing, Mr. T has always been, and will always be awesome.


  1. So many kinds of awesome! Love it.

  2. always a delight to visit you and your clever works (and details)!

    Happy Monday, talk to you soon!


  3. I'll probably have a new drawing up tomorrow, as well :D

    Thanks Mita, you rock.

  4. Woops, "tomorrow" being today! My, my, look at the time.

  5. i love everything about mr. t in this image