Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Like It Cold

As you can see, I'm still having a blast with the Burtimals / Aniburts series. "A polar bear! I love them!" was suggested by my friend Alex. Here you go!

My first sketch of the Polar Burt looked like a normal bear. It just didn't feel cold enough. So I added in some yumptious scrumptious ice cream in there. Flavors from the bottom, up: mint chocolate chip, rocky road, butter pecan, cookies and cream, cherry pie, and double chocolate brownie.

With a cherry on top.

POLAR ME LIKES ICE CREAM!! Even more so than me me.


  1. and which flavor is your favorite?

  2. My oldschool fav is MCC. Now I love many, many flavors.

  3. Nice flavor choices - good thing your Polar Burt isn't lactose intolerant.

  4. Thanks for checking out my silly illustrations again, lauh-ren! :D

  5. I love these! You should do a show with all of them!