Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Burtraffe

Since I received a positive and humorous reaction to The Burtopotamus, I've gone ahead and decided to make a silly series out of it. Here's myself as a giraffe. I figure it's the animal I'm most like, being that I have a rather long neck. Which makes it harder for me to play violin.

I have a couple of attachment that must be place on the body of the violin in order for me to play. The first goes connects to the underside and then to my shoulder, raising the violin up a good bit. The second is a pad to put on top of the chinrest.

So I figured a giraffe violinist would need a little extra help. He has made a extendable bamboo brace for his instrument.

He also has acquired a makeshift bow, practically straight off the tree. Guerrilla-style instrumentation!


  1. Neat-O! The glasses and the beanie are a great Burt touch. I particularly enjoy the tree branch violin prop. Bravo...now pop some bow strings please.

  2. its that high altitude weather systems rendition that gets me going. ... love the illustration.

  3. Loving the Burtanimals!

    Burtlesnake? Burtsquito? Hummingburt!


    Great stuff Burtle!


  4. Ahhhh so many animals on the plate. The drawing plate, that is.