Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old School Wrap

Here's my latest shirt design. It was originally supposed to be for the last Illustration Friday theme, "Wrapping," but I missed the deadline. It's alright, since I wanted to make it into a sweet shirt anyway.

Meet T-Mummy. He is the oldest-school rapper on record. Though his lyrics are often unintelligible to the living, he was very popular amongst the Undead. There were a few deranged necromancers who were avid supports of his, so you COULD say that he literally had a cult following.

T-Mummy never did a gig without his ceremonial backwards hedjet and golden sundial necklace. And he always flashed the "M" hand gestures. You can guess why.

I'll let everyone know when Threadless puts it up for voting/scoring, in case you want to help support the design.

Thanks! Word to ya mummy.