Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illustration Friday - Impatience

James Brown was known by many names. The Godfather of Soul comes to mind as one of them, for sure. And The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz, as well, eh? He did love to dance for his audiences.

You may be asking yourself "Yes he did, but why is he your subject for this week's theme, Impatience?"

Well, if you think about it, Mr. Brown's exclamations were rather insistent. And demanding. And constant.

SAY IT NOW! Get up offa that thing! Follow me! Unhhh! I need it! HELP me! Do it to me! I NEEEED IT! HEY! PLAY IT! Put it where it's at now(???)! HO! Unh! HO! HAH- Watch me now! DO IT WITH THE GOOD FOOT. Come on, get it AH UNH!


You get the idea. All these exclamations, so little time for you to execute them before the next musical command hits you. You just can't say no, but sometimes you can't keep up. Sometimes he seems a little impatient with us, doesn't he?

Never thought of it that way, did you? That's why I'm the hardest working man in showburtz!

See, in this illustration, a flashy move caused Mr. Brown to get his tie caught between locked knees, preventing him from continuing to spray the funk all over the crowd. And yet his cries of "HELP ME! UNNHH!" only excited the audience even more. This went on for ten minutes before a band member remedied the situation.


  1. haha! So funny... love his pose:-)

  2. however you make it work for impatience - it's a fabulous illo! great work!

  3. Thanks, everyone! Now GET UP OFFA THAT THING! HAH! UNH!

  4. Hep Me! UNH!
    Do it with the good foot!!

    Love it B!


  5. Hahaha! Very clever take and looks like his limbs are entangled too :)