Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cosplay Sights from SDCC

Frequent Cosplay Sights
Here are some of the more frequent (and usually more disturbing) cosplay sights from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. There were plenty of others, but we shan't speak of those.

Bearded Finn - There was much Adventure Time representation at the Con this year. Not all Finn cosplayers were children. And definitely not all of them were clean shaven. Slightly disturbing.

Plus-Sized Slave Leia - Look. If you're going to dress as Slave Leia, you know what you're getting into. Seriously.

Anonymous - Perhaps the easiest costume ever. That doesn't discourage many from donning it, however.

Fat Captain America - I'm not surprised that I saw several of these. I actually DID see one using his shield as a plate, too. Maybe they're trying to make a social statement.

Doctors 10 & 11 - Probably the most common costumes were from Doctor Who. There were SO MANY 10 and 11s that I lost count on the second day. The award goes to the parents that dressed their three children up as Doctors 9, 10 and 11, though!

Plus-Sized Poison Ivy - In the same realm as Slave Leia, but a little trickier because there may be green skin involved. A lot of green skin.

Old Indiana Jones - I suppose old guys think that's really their only option. Actually, a good alternative is to not dress up at all.

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