Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nintendo Evolution

Nintendo Evolution
I went ahead and illustrated the evolution (and possible future) of Nintendo controllers. I don't think anyone will mind that I stuck with the main systems and left out the Virtual Boy, right?

I imagine that Nintendo will further revolutionize gameplay in that the "Wii UH" (Wii U Hyper) will encourage players to work together, literally. Since the controls would be integrated directly into the flat-screen monitor, one player would assume the left half of the controls and the other would man the right side. They could lift the TV up and move it around for the motion sensors, which would be cool because you could hook the Wii UH up to another monitor (smaller, for humor's sake) and you could see split screen stuff.

For maximum ridiculousness, you could sync up several Wii UHs together and everyone would be running around the living room in pairs holding up flat-screens. Sounds like a pretty fun time, I think.