Monday, April 4, 2011

Help Japan

Help Japan
Dirty Coast asked me to design a poster to help raise money for the Japanese relief effort. I'm to be one of several artists designing posters to be sold to raise funds to donate. This is the concept I pursued. On the first version, I had the word "NOW" in white in the dot. It brought a little more balance, but it took away from the "Japanese flag" reference. I think I prefer this version.

I hope I'm able to help the effort somewhat with this design. It's nice to do something that actually has an effect on something other than just making people laugh a little, right?


  1. Burt, I really like this! For some reason, my eye caught on "comfort" and I think that's such a great word for this cause, but it's not one I see very often. Now I envision hugging the country of Japan. Such a great sentiment.