Monday, February 8, 2010

Is Tammy There?

Here's an illustration I penned back in July during Comic Con in San Diego. I was in line for a Legend of the Seeker panel. Wooooo, Bruce Spence! Hahaha.

Anyway, here's an explanation for the insanity: For the past couple of years, an Anonymous number has been calling me and asking for "Tammy Clause." Now, you'd think that after the first few times, they would have followed my request and taken me off the list. But no. They've called me at least 200 TIMES. At first it was an actual person, but now (or, at least the last time I bothered to answer) it is just a recording. So there is no hope to plead my case that I am not actually this "Tammy" lady.

I think the record is 6 calls in one day. They've since calmed down a little. The flood of Tammy-seeking calls has reduced to a sporadic trickle. Every now and then though, I'll get a couple or three calls a day. I'm going to enjoy this waning cycle while it lasts!


  1. haha, awesome burt. great illustration. i looked at it before i read the post and was so confused at first. good stuff.

  2. very, very cool. i'm totally digging that character. that tongue. that mustache.